Welcome to Health & Running

Everyone has a moment when they’re ready to make a change. It hits you that you’re not living your life as healthy as you’d like, you’re not treating your body as well as you could, and you’re ready to adjust your lifestyle to include things that make you a healthier, stronger person. The moment is much more than a New Year’s resolution because you are excited about the long-term changes you plan to make. When you reach this moment you set immediate, mid-range, and long-term goals for yourself and identify the ways in which you will accomplish them.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Health and Running was born out of one of those moments of change and will be a collective journey toward not just living a healthier lifestyle but also inspiring healthy living, providing resources to make healthy choices, and encouraging running and performing other fitness activities with purpose. Whether you are seeking the motivation to get started or are looking to share your experiences, we invite you to bookmark this site and interact with our blog as part of your new, healthier, stronger self.

Running With Purpose

We will share the personal experiences of marathon and event training and the hurdles that are overcome during the process as well as articles that tackle some of the basics of running and getting fit. While striving to make healthier lifestyle choices every day, you will learn strategies, planning techniques, recipes, stretches, exercises, and motivational tools that you can try for yourself. What works and what doesn’t will be different for everyone and we hope you’ll contribute your experience. Change will not happen overnight and setbacks will occur, but by embracing the new road you are ready to go down, you will find yourself strong, confident, and enjoying each deep breath you take.

With this, we wish you Pura Vida!