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ba_marathon-8_cropThank you for visiting Health and Running! I hope you found something educational, inspiring, or helpful on this site and I also invite you to share your own comments and experiences here. This site is intended to be a resource of personal experiences, informative articles, and helpful links for everything from running and training to events and gear to health, fitness, and the benefits of making healthy lifestyle choices.

I have been running for over 11 years and continue to be amazed at what the body is capable of doing. I am ever enthusiastic about setting my own running and fitness goals, but it is the greater running community and true health mavens that inspire me. I am always motivated by the stories of athletes who compete in Ironman events, marathons, local triathlons, and 5K races. The people who set goals and then set out to accomplish them are the people I admire. We each face our own challenges in being the healthiest, strongest, and happiest we can be but there is a lesson in each challenge.

I plan to share on Health and Running all that I can about my own experiences as well as articles and interviews with expert coaches, athletes, and trainers so that you will always have new information at your fingertips. If there is an article you’d like to see, or a question you’d like answered, please let me know and I will work on it. Your feedback and experiences are welcome any time. Happy running!

Pura Vida,
Natalie Friton