You, Your Dog, & the Gym

One happy chocolate lab! Photo by melissambwilkins

One happy puppy! Photo by melissambwilkins

For many of us who are dog owners, there is no question about the motivation a dog can provide to get you out of your seat and out for a run. They need exercise just as much as we do. But what if you’re really not a runner, never were, and never plan to be? But your dog is, or easily could be. I was discussing this exact scenario with a girlfriend of mine who is queen of the elliptical machine at her gym and a proud new puppy owner.

As a dog owner, she is well aware of the dog’s need for exercise and walks him regularly, but the walks don’t do for her what her regular gym routine used to do. It’s been weeks since she’s been in the air conditioned gym, bobbing along to her iPod, and sweating it out on the elliptical. While she wouldn’t trade her new pup for the world, something about dog walks that involve lots of stops for training and ‘doing business’ just isn’t cutting it for her own exercise.

What to do?

Photo by elegantwreck.

Photo by elegantwreck.

If you’ve ever watched “The Dog Whisperer” you know that Caesar is not afraid to leash a dog to a treadmill to help let out energy as well as help rehabilitate dog’s muscles and deal with overweight dogs. And if your gym is like mine, there are childcare options for parents so they can get their work-out in while their child plays under the supervision of the gym’s staff. My friend came up with the idea of combining the two. How about a gym with an integrated dog gym facility? She’d be more than happy to pay a little extra so her dog can be on the treadmill while she speeds up her own tempo on the elliptical.

There are dozens of dog gyms across the country, but none that seem to be integrated with gyms for humans. With pet-friendly hotels, airlines, restaurants, and stores abounding, surely gyms must be next up for finding a way to let in man’s best friend.

3 thoughts on “You, Your Dog, & the Gym

  1. jeanne

    Hi! Actually, our gym is the first gym for humans that is also dog friendly! I can totally relate to what your friend experianced with her new pup. We offer a dog lounge for socializing and dog walking for our members so they can get fit while their dog has fun! Check us out:

    1. Jessica

      PLEASE FRANCHISE THIS!!! There is so much opportunity to expand this. The fitness and pet franchises opportunities are enormous (SNAP/Anytime meets Camp Bowow=$$$), and nobody else is doing what you’re doing (I know because I have been trying to find one in Denver for years). I used to run a for-profit doggy play group and people would happily pay $5-$10 for an hour of play time for their dogs. Combine that with gym membership and you’re in the money and I am in line to be your first customer in Denver!!

      1. Athena

        I am currently studying to be a certified Group Fitness Instructor [for Humans] and currently working with Camp Bow Wow and found a handful of doggy/human gyms currently. Thinking about working with K9 Fit and try and open my own place with them in near-ish future in the Denver Metro Area. I only just moved out here a few months ago now, and it will be a bit before it happens.


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