2013 Races and Running Goals

When I wrote my 2012 year in review I had all sorts of momentum and really enjoyed reminiscing on 2012 and thinking about what this year would bring. At the time, all I really knew is that I’d love to log 1,000 miles this year. But, within the first few weeks of the new year I found myself floundering with running. I had no goal, no training plan, no next race within reach. In addition, the year started out fast and furious with work and I struggled to keep a balanced running plan. And so finally, I put my mind to it and decided on a plan.

In February

I will be training for a March half marathon and look to do local 5ks to get the competitive juices flowing. My goal though is to make sure I have a very steady base pace and train for endurance rather than speed.

In March

I will do a half marathon. Quite possibly one in Florida with a girlfriend who will be running her first half. More likely it will be local and highly likely it will be the B&A Marathon which is essentially in my backyard. I would also by this time like to have a chariot of sorts connected to my bike so that I can start to ride outside again towing my son.

In April

I will do the Cooper River Bridge Run–best 10k ever–in Charleston, SC. Lots of biking and maybe start getting to the local indoor pool again.

In May

May is still a little foggy. I really, really would like to do the Broad Street 10-miler but knowing how fast registration fills up it may or may not become a reality. A colleague invited me to do the New England Ragner Relay which is very, very tempting but it happens to be on the same weekend as the Broad Street run. If neither of those work out, there is a half marathon in St. Michael’s, MD that is a relatively new race and rather appealing. There is also a great 10-miler in Chestertown over Memorial Day weekend.

In June

I hope to be biking and swimming a lot by this point and sticking with mid-mileage runs. There is a Father’s Day 10k I’ve always wanted to do in Annapolis so I think I’ll target that.

In July

This month will be dedicated to cross-training, strength and stretching.

In August

The Annapolis 10-miler of course!!

And that’s as far as I’ve made it. It feels good to have goals.

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