My New Nike Zoom Vomeros

I went for a Saturday morning run and as I was stretching afterward I noticed that the soles of my shoes were essentially shot. I’d known for a while that my Nike Zoom Vomeros were pretty much at the end of their life–the tear in the side ventilation was a dead giveaway. But for some reason I kept delaying the purchase of my next pair of running shoes. I’ve really been running mostly in my Nike Frees simply because I’ve not gone more than 5 miles and the Frees are ideal for short runs. Every now and then I’d switch to the Vomeros though. And after this particular run, when I knew my mileage would soon be increasing for half marathon training, I decided it was time to get to Charm City for the next pair of shoes.I’ve been running in Nikes exclusively since 2008 so when I walked into Charm City and was asked if I could be helped I said sure, “Nike Zoom Vomeros, size 10.” The salesperson took me over to the wall of shoes (which has grown considerably I might add, they have a great selection including Newtons!) and explained to me that Nike had changed the Vomeros a bit. In fact, Runner’s World reviewed the new Nike Zoom Vomero in their Summer Shoe Guide (page 2). Indeed, looking at them I could see that the sole was a bit flatter than the previous model. I have always liked the Vomero for the cushiony support of the shoe while also being relatively lightweight. I’m pretty much a mid-foot striker so I like to have that support throughout the shoe. Seeing that the newest model was a bit more flat I was a bit hesitant but also found myself a bit flustered at the idea of having to try on other shoes. Could I really run in something other than a Nike?

As an alternative to the Vomero, the salesperson pulled down a Brooks shoe that he said was closer in fit and cushioning to the previous Vomero model. I said I’d try them both. I put on the Brooks first to see if I could notice a difference. It was immediate and after a lap around the store I was convinced that while I’m sure I could eventually adjust to a new shoe, Nike Vomeros are for me. I tried on the Vomeros and while there was a slight difference in the new model, the shoe fits me perfectly. It is snug on the sides of my foot and the heel support is ideal. I also think they did something different with the laces on this model which I really like.

Perhaps the best part of this shoe buying experience was that I had gone into the store wearing flip flops so I accepted a pair of socks for trying on shoes. I was given a pair of Feetures, a technical sock I’d never heard of before. My feet were in heaven! The sock was also snug, breathable and just the right height around the ankles. I walked out with two pair.

The next day I ran in the new socks and shoes. My feet were happy. I will be logging many miles in these newest Nikes!


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