Running Pregnant: The Month Seven Slump

You know how sometimes you think of yourself as a certain age regardless of how old you are? In my head I am usually 27, sometimes younger, and don’t feel nearly old enough to have the adult life I actually lead. Well apparently the same mind game applies to being pregnant. Only the other morning did it literally hit me that I am not actually 5 months pregnant. I am a full 7 months pregnant but in my head I have been stuck at 5. All of a sudden it made sense why running was more challenging, I am a little more tired, hungry and well, bigger.Ever since the 5 month mark, running has indeed gotten progressively more challenging for me. And when I say I’m going “for a run” I really mean I am going for a slow jog interspersed with plenty of walking and the possible pit stop regardless of the distance. And it’s not just running that has gotten harder. It’s running with any sort of consistency. I have noticed (now that I know I’m 7 months pregnant) that despite my goal of getting in 3-4 days a week of exercise, sometimes an entire week of inactivity will somehow sneak in.

I’ve decided it is the ‘month seven slump.’ The other night I took the dog on a 3.5 mile jog/walk. By that night everything was sore and the next day I felt like I’d run a marathon. Granted, I did not stretch after the jog/walk but I am amazed at the toll that jog/walk took on me. The pain is mostly in my lower back and around my quads, hips and hamstrings. And my belly. The next day I did a simple power walk with the dogs. When I’m moving I’m much more comfortable than when I’m sedentary in my work chair. Sitting for too long seems to cause a stiffness that takes days to resolve. Hmmm, this all makes me realize that the running, jogging and walking must indeed be a good thing if it is what makes me feel better and keeps my limbs limber!

And there in lies the challenge–how to over come this month seven slump and keep running while pregnant? Mind over matter. I’ll let you know how it goes! But in the meantime, any tips and tricks are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Running Pregnant: The Month Seven Slump

  1. Kim Miller

    Wow. I consider myself a failry dedicated and well-trained runner and even I have days that it’s hard to get out of bed. The only thing I remember about being pregnant was eating foods like McDonalds breakfast sandwiches, stuff I have not touched since since (never ran back in the days while pregnant, but likely would if I were pregnant now). I am, however, reading the book Run Like a Girl, and I think it’s fabulous. Everytime I pick it up it reminds me why I work so hard on running, and every other fitness area of my life. So, while you have downtime when the baby comes, if you haven’t read it, you might check it out. Hopefully it will give you a little motivation. Good luck! : )

  2. Natalie Post author

    Kim, thanks for the comment! I’ve not read ‘Run Like a Girl’ but will be sure to check it out. I’ve read reviews though and heard the same positive take so that sounds like a good maternity leave book. 🙂 Happy running!


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