Spring Fever Inspires Running

Calvert Street in Annapolis. Photo by ktylerconk.

Calvert Street in Annapolis. Photo by ktylerconk.

There is no question that March came roaring in like a lion for Annapolis and much of the rest of the East Coast this year. This week started with freezing temperatures and more snow than we’ve seen in a couple years. While it was all pretty at first, it sure would’ve been nicer a couple months ago rather than right at the time when everyone has spring fever. By mid-week things were thawing out, snow melting away, the sun shining, and forecasts are predicting a gorgeous weekend of 60-degree weather.

Yesterday was the first tease of the warm weather and driving home from a meeting took me through downtown Annapolis late afternoon. Flocks of people were out walking but many of them were running. I love how the first inkling of warm weather has this magical power over people and gets them up and moving. The first runner I drove by yesterday brought a smile to my face. Then I passed two young women jogging over the bridge, then another person with her dog, then a group of Naval Academy students running as a mass, a man with a long and lean stride, someone sprinting at the end of his run, a mom with a baby jogger, and yet another mass of maybe 15 people all running together. Runners were everywhere and I got excited sitting at a stoplight watching them all.

A little warm weather is the perfect little kick for anyone who needs motivation to get active. Many people just need to start. Once you start, it’s easy enough to keep going. Is it warm out where you are? Why not put on your running shoes and find out?

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