Weather Window


An incredible scene. Photo by cresk.

When it comes to morning running versus night running, winter running versus summer running, or running in the rain versus running in full sunshine, there are many schools of thought about what circumstances make the conditions perfect for running. I tend to prefer morning running as it always allows me to start my day fresh; I’ve gotten used to winter running; and I’m still waiting for my first opportunity to really run in the run.

What I have decided though is that in addition to the perfect time and temperature conditions there are certain weather windows that make running simply enjoyable. Just before it’s about to pour, there is usually a nice breeze, it’s overcast, and in the spring, every smell imaginable seems heightened, to my senses anyway. That pre-rain run is cool, I find the breeze invigorating, and the smell of flowers, clean cut grass, and of course, the indescribable smell just before a rain all make running outside incredibly rewarding.

Spring and fall running are also probably my favorites for the fact that it’s never unbearably hot and I get to watch the seasons change. Early morning running is like sneaking out before everything wakes up; dew is still on the grass, not even all the birds are awake, and traffic is usually pretty light. They’re peaceful times to run and tend to be the time of year when the sun is just rising and there is a slight glow on the path before you. Winter running I found is just plain dark, which isn’t necessarily bad but being out during the first light makes the run feel like all your own.

Just as every runner will have a different time or temperature that makes their run perfect, every runner is likely to prefer a slightly different time of year but it’s all about finding your weather window and taking advantage of the opportunity that motivates you most.

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