Winter Work-out Rollercoaster

It’s been a couple months since I last wrote and despite my neglect of my blog, I haven’t entirely neglected my winter work-out plan…although it hasn’t exactly gone according to schedule. In November I ran the Richmond Marathon with a PR and had high hopes of maintaining my running base while re-building my swim and bike base and blending in reasonable sets of weight work-outs. My running plan was to run three times a week, with an easy 3-5 mile run, a speed work-out, and a hill work-out. The reason for this is because my goal this year for the Cooper River Bridge Run is to complete the 10K with an 8-minute pace (and beat my husband).

When I look back at my RunningAhead log, I did pretty well with my goals immediately after the race. I took a well deserved break the week immediately following the marathon with just one pilates class that week. I then did a good job maintaining five days of work-outs weekly alternating runs with swims and added sessions of pilates–something I missed terribly during the height of marathon training. And then December came and from the looks of the log, holiday season hit in full swing. Early December went fine. I continued to run though not at all with the training mindset I had hoped for; my December runs are all logged as ‘easy’ and none exceeded 5 miles. I did however get back into spin class and I swam at least once a week. There are two weak entries for weights sessions, yet another departure from my original winter work-out plan. I did do regular pilates classes and like to think of that as least some level of strength building, at least for my core. Between multiple holiday parties, turning 30, the holidays themselves, and moving, I seem to have had all the excuses in the world for tapering off significantly right at the end of the year.

January for me, as for so many others, signaled a fresh start. An opportunity to really get back into working out. I didn’t make any official New Year’s resolutions but I definitely had the mindset that the new year was the time to  buckle down and keep a work-out schedule. Last fall I signed up for a July 2010 Half Ironman in Rhode Island and long ago I selected a 20-week training plan so January also marked for me a countdown to the start of official training. Despite the determination in my head, my log again shows that I did not follow through with any sort of consistent running, biking, swimming, or strength sessions. I averaged three days a week in the gym and I consider the work-outs hodge podge at best.

I also spent all of January working with my husband on getting our house ready to sell. I worked more hours than I expected. I had weekend commitments every Saturday and Sunday. I seem to still have plenty of excuses. By the time February got here I was grateful for a ‘do-over.’ And then the blizzard (snowpocalypse or snowmageddon as it’s also referred to) hit. It shut things down here in Maryland and people are still digging out. I planned accordingly and got to the gym the day the blizzard hit and then it was shut down due to road and snow conditions. Finally the gym has reopened with normal hours and I am on a mission. I have one week to make sure my base is in good shape before I dive into training.

Will I be ready in seven days for the intense, intermediate level, six days a week, 12-15 hours per week of training? No, I don’t have the physical base I want. But I do have the mindset. I’m ready. I’m eager. I can’t wait to be back on a training schedule. I’m ready for the twists and turns of this winter work-out rollercoaster to be over so that I can be on one steady path toward one HUGE goal. 70.3. In 21 weeks I will definitely be ready!

4 thoughts on “Winter Work-out Rollercoaster

  1. Samantha G

    Ohhhh hey! So glad to see a new blog post 🙂
    I found your site back in December when I was researching training for triathlons/running/etc. I absolutely love your blog! In fact, it inspired *me* to start a fitness/training blog, too (which I did just a few hours ago actually), and I’ve linked to yours on my site. Hope that’s ok!
    We’re neighbors- I’m in PA (grew up in MD), maybe we’ll end up doing some of the same races….
    Your blog is wonderful, motivational, and inspirational- you’ve done such a great job with it.


    1. Natalie Post author

      Samantha, thanks so much for checking out my blog and the compliments! I’ve been incredibly delinquent in writing and have many posts started with not enough time to finish them. Lots of training coming up though so I hope to carve out the time to post associated posts. Yes, link away and I’d love to read your blog as well. What races are you signed up for? I have lots I’m thinking about for the spring as well. Lots to choose from! Good luck in everything you set out to accomplish, keep in touch!

  2. anj

    I am on your winter work out rollercoaster too! Looking forward to better weather and getting back on a schedule I can keep despite weather! Good luck and looking forward to more posts!


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