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Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Fitness boot CampFor the last two weeks I’ve been at my local gym using the stationary bike for my cardio work-out to give my IT band a rest before my first marathon. I love to people watch and the gym is definitely a great spot for that, especially when you’re pedaling for all you’re worth and going nowhere. Listening to Joe Scarborough talking in front of me on the “Morning Joe” show on MSNBC I found myself rather intrigued these last two weeks with a group of people in the gym at the same early hour as myself (and my husband and our friend we carpool with).

Depending on the day, the group has anywhere from 6-12 people working out together. I could hear them behind me all lined up on treadmills being coached through whatever type of running they were doing and then followed them as they relocated around the gym. I’ve watched them do walking lunges with shoulder presses, weight lifting, routines on the Bosu ball, floor exercises, intense ab routines, and various stretches. I knew it wasn’t a class on the gym’s group schedule, otherwise I’d have been in it. I thought maybe they were all training together for the same race, maybe a triathlon. The whole group seemed to be pretty fit, but one woman in particular stood out. She has the muscle tone that I hope to one day achieve and would run, not walk, from one side of the gym to the other just to return a piece of equipment. Her energy is incredible and I can relate to it, but only after two large cups of coffee. She is a woman I admire at 6 a.m. and I can only imagine that her life is fast-paced, healthy, and diverse. Continue reading

Training Log Reviews

Tracking Training ProgressI have been a long-time subscriber to SELF Magazine and kept back issues for more years than I would like to admit. I’ve seen the magazine change and evolve and always found something in its pages that interested me throughout my teenage years where I just wanted to be inspired to my college dieting years to my adult years of focusing on healthy fitness. To no fault of SELF (sorry SELF), I have been letting my subscription run out in favor of reading Runner’s World, running websites, and blogs which appeal directly to my current goals.

For several consecutive years, I was always inspired to participate in the SELF Challenge though I hate to admit I never fully finished. I did, however, become addicted to the magazine’s many online tools and always enjoyed entering my weekly exercise into my online log that would then calculate calories burned and track progress. Continue reading