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Energy Cheers

j0438552Usually whenever you are most tired, least motivated, and want to do anything but exercise is when you really should just strap on your running shoes and do something to get your heart rate going. I can think of many a run I dragged myself out to do and at the end I was always glad I had gone. Today was one of those days when I really just didn’t feel like putting on my running shoes.

The good news is that I had to. I committed to be an assistant coach for a Girls on the Run program at an elementary school near my house and I do not want to back out on my commitment to show up, no matter how tired I am. There is no doubt that the girls will always have more energy than me, even on the days when I’m at my peak energy level. I knew pulling myself away from the computer to get ready to go meet 15 girls in 3rd through 5th grade who are training to run a 5k would give me the boost I needed. Volunteering with GOTR is absolutely about the girls and helping them get out of the girl box, build confidence at a young age, and develop a sense of self-respect as well as respect for others, but I think the program is almost as much for the coaches as it is for the girls. Continue reading