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Marathon 1 vs Marathon 13

I started distance running in 2008 when one of my BFFs talked me into running the Greenville Spinx Half Marathon. After that race (and learning what it meant to be sub-2), I was hooked and promptly signed up for my first marathon which was the B&A Marathon in March 2009. I’ve now racked up a total of 13 marathons over the last 10 years, the most recent having been the epic bad weather Boston Marathon. Needless to say over the course of 13 marathons, I’ve come up with a list of things I’d tell my younger running self. Continue reading

Starting to Spin

Photo by Chrisobal82.

Photo by Chrisobal82.

The room was dark, a fan was blowing on me from the corner, I was slightly uncomfortable on my seat, I was focusing on the upbeat music the instructor had chosen, and in my mind I was pedaling along an uphill road that I had once biked along in Cape Town, South Africa. Except that I was on a stationary bike in Charleston, South Carolina. Soon I was sweating profusely and by the end of my first spinning class I was drenched, sore in places I didn’t think possible, and my legs were shaking from being pushed like they had never been pushed before.

That was seven years ago. I’m grateful to have taken spinning classes before because I know from personal experience what an incredible work-out a well taught spinning class is and that the harder you’re willing to try, the better the class can be. In college I might have taken a couple dozen spinning classes which was great for when I needed to get in a good sweat, but not enough to get me totally hooked. Though I enjoyed the spinning classes I took in Charleston, since graduating from college I have focused my energy mostly on running. Continue reading