Training, Races, and Life

This weekend I am going to be doing my first Olympic triathlon in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. It’s the Big Lick. It’s also going to be a big milestone marking the end of many months of training and what I think is safe to call a significant obsession with triathlon training.

Every week I have been mapping out runs, rides, swims, time to get to the pool, looking at my gear, reading blogs, tweets, websites, checking and re-checking the weather, all in an effort to know as much as possible and be as prepared as possible going into this triathlon.

On top of the triathlon training I have been working my way through marathon training for the Richmond Marathon. I’m currently at the end of week nine in a 16 week schedule and am looking forward to re-focusing my training on just running.

Somewhere in between all this training I have been working, attempting to give some semblance of order to my house, and maintain an inkling of a social life.

My life is no different, or busier, than anyone I know and I wouldn’t trade the opportunities, the training, or the racing for anything. At some point it is all about balance and though I have yet to figure that out, this is my life and I’ll take it!

3 thoughts on “Training, Races, and Life

  1. Natalie Post author

    Thanks Christine! It was a beautiful area despite the rainy event. The hills were a good challenge but nothing like the steep grade hills in Cazenovia, NY. I’ll have a play-by-play up soon enough! 🙂

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