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Praise for the Base

If you’ve ever considered starting to run, my advice to you is to stop considering and get up and go. Start with one mile and mostly walk. Build to alternating walking and running in that same one mile distance and slowly add up to a second mile. Continue to run/walk. Then start to do more running than walking. Eventually add up to a third mile and switch back to the run/walk combo if you need to. Let your body get used to the movement of running and go forward at whatever pace is comfortable. Before you know it, you will have gotten so used to running you won’t remember why you never ran in the first place.

Plus, you’ll have a running base that you can build on and come back to throughout your running career. Continue reading

The Run Faster Formula

Usain Bolt: a speed icon. Photo by thor_matt83 (Flickr)

I was once talking with a running friend, who is an ultra marathoner and who comfortably clocks a sub-7-minute per mile pace on a regular basis, about running faster. I had shared my secret deep down wish to one day qualify for Boston and was talking about wanting to get faster over longer distances. He shared with me the simple formula to running faster. He said, “If you want to run faster, you just run faster.” Continue reading