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Base Building After Baby

A little while ago I wrote about praise for having a running base and outlined my plan to rebuild my running base after having had my baby. I started back ‘officially’ May 14 and have been working on running at least three times a week, and a few outlier weeks aside, have been able to maintain that schedule. What I’m learning though is that base building is hard! I believe I took for granted that I’ve had a solid base for years and now all of a sudden I truly am starting from scratch. Each run humbles me a little and reinforces that the only way to really build a base is to just keep running and run consistently.

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Praise for the Base

If you’ve ever considered starting to run, my advice to you is to stop considering and get up and go. Start with one mile and mostly walk. Build to alternating walking and running in that same one mile distance and slowly add up to a second mile. Continue to run/walk. Then start to do more running than walking. Eventually add up to a third mile and switch back to the run/walk combo if you need to. Let your body get used to the movement of running and go forward at whatever pace is comfortable. Before you know it, you will have gotten so used to running you won’t remember why you never ran in the first place.

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