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Fitness Philosophy: Finding a Starting Point

j0433055This post will be one in a series as I don’t think it’s possible to capture in one sitting my thoughts behind having a fitness philosophy let alone what my own philosophy is. I’ve had the fortune to meet a local trainer whose programs focus on total body conditioning, but rely heavily on the individual’s ability to set goals and mean what they say in their desire to achieve those goals. I’ve been corresponding with the trainer about my own fitness aspirations and have found myself wanting to really answer this question honestly.

I started the year with my goal of running a marathon–check. Planned to run the Cooper River Bridge Run–check. I’m not currently signed up for anymore events though I did register for the NYC Marathon and am anxiously awaiting June to see where I land in the lottery. I know I want to do the local Annapolis 10-miler and a triathlon this summer and hopefully another marathon in the fall. But I’ve been feeling gun shy about registering for anything. Continue reading