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Running Resolutions

It has been a solid eight months since my last post. The good news is that my running and training did not get as derailed as my blogging. And now it’s that popular time of year when we all put our foot down to make a change. I bet you think I’m going to resolve to blog more often? Well, we all know that resolutions don’t work if they’re general. You have to be specific in order to be successful. Suffice it to say that after an eight-month absence I hesitate to commit to any sort of blogging resolution. I also won’t be making any running resolutions. Continue reading

Setting & Adjusting the Race Pace Goal

When I first started doing running races, I raced to participate, to experience the race, and that was about it. Let me first say that there is absolutely nothing wrong in racing with that mindset. My perception of racing started to change as I learned more about running, form, training techniques and drills, and my own potential. My perception of races also started to change the first time I adopted a real training plan which was for my first half marathon in October 2008.

I distinctly recall that race being the first time I set a hard goal that I hoped to achieve. For that run my goal was to finish under two hours, which I just barely did. That race pretty much set the tone for how I’ve been running, training, and racing which is goal-oriented. Continue reading

Fitness Philosophy: Finding a Starting Point

j0433055This post will be one in a series as I don’t think it’s possible to capture in one sitting my thoughts behind having a fitness philosophy let alone what my own philosophy is. I’ve had the fortune to meet a local trainer whose programs focus on total body conditioning, but rely heavily on the individual’s ability to set goals and mean what they say in their desire to achieve those goals. I’ve been corresponding with the trainer about my own fitness aspirations and have found myself wanting to really answer this question honestly.

I started the year with my goal of running a marathon–check. Planned to run the Cooper River Bridge Run–check. I’m not currently signed up for anymore events though I did register for the NYC Marathon and am anxiously awaiting June to see where I land in the lottery. I know I want to do the local Annapolis 10-miler and a triathlon this summer and hopefully another marathon in the fall. But I’ve been feeling gun shy about registering for anything. Continue reading