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Fighting The Snooze Button

Snooze ButtonI recently wrote about the traveling I’d be doing and my fear of not being able to keep up with my training schedule for the mere three days I’d be out of town. I scoped out the hotel’s fitness room and mapped a run as well. Fortunately, my roommate and friend also at the show is a runner as well and was equally gung-ho about getting up and running on the first day of the boat show.

We set her travel alarm clock, my cell phone alarm clock, and I picked out a great radio station to wake up to on the room’s alarm as our last resort. You know how you wake up every hour before a flight paranoid you might sleep in and miss the flight all together? I did that with the running alarms. I was so worried that we’d sleep through them that I was up essentially all night. By the time the last alarm went off, all I could do was hit snooze. Continue reading