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The Travel Hurdle

Treadmill RunningTomorrow I have a flight at the crack of dawn down to Miami for a boat show. In my previous career I traveled often for work to boat shows across the country and would be gone anywhere from five to 10 days which is plenty long enough to interrupt exercise routines. My best friend who I worked with and I always packed our work-out clothes in the hopes that we would actually use them and there were a few rare times that this actually happened. During those trips, I was not quite as focused as I am now on training so maybe a more dedicated mindset would have made a difference in my motivation to stick with a work-out routine while traveling.

I will only be in Miami for 3 days but if I’m to keep with my training schedule only one of those can be an off day. I’m mentally preparing myself to get up earlier than normal so I can hit the hotel’s treadmill before the boat show madness begins. (I would prefer to be visualizing myself running on the beach, but this will not be an option due to the hotel’s location, so treadmill it is.) Continue reading