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Slow it Down

j0438725Lately it feels like life has been moving full speed ahead; this is definitely true for me and many of my friends and people I come in contact with on a regular basis. We cram as much as possible into each day, we start early, end late, we say “yes” to everything, and end up rushing from one thing to the next.

I recently had an epiphany that this same fast pace has made it’s way into exercise as well. There are two pilates classes with different instructors that I take pretty regularly at my gym. The two instructors have very different styles: one is more traditional following the “basic 10” movements with steady transitions from one movement to the next and the other instructor combines traditional pilates movements with additional strength exercises using a bar, weight, and lightweight, small medicine ball. With both of these instructors I feel like I get in a great work-out and I’m always impressed with how much they fit into one hour.

At pilates this week, I set my mat down with the others in the class and stretched while waiting for the instructor. A couple minutes before start time, a woman walked in, put her mat at the front of the room, and I quickly realized we had a substitute. She was the woman who teaches the third pilates class at my gym which happens to be at times I can never attend. This instructor (and I don’t mean to stereotype here) had the personality of a step aerobics instructor; she was high energy, loud, and conversational. At first I missed the calm, quiet of the other instructors, but it didn’t take long for me to truly appreciate following someone new. Continue reading

The Pilates Powerhouse

I don't use the Reformer in my class, but The Hundred is still a great exercise. Photo by rockyourpowerhouse.

I don't use the Reformer in my class, but The Hundred is still a great exercise. Photo by rockyourpowerhouse.

Sunday mornings I like to go to the Pilates class at my gym. The class is usually a smaller group of mostly women looking to start their day with the energizing lift of a well-rounded Pilates class. The instructor is a happy and encouraging person who pushes us to do our best on the movements while also leading us through proper breathing as well as the variations of the movements so we can choose the level that suits us.

While training for the marathon I did most of my long runs on Sundays so missed the class for many weeks. At one point I wondered why instructors tend to do the same routines from week to week, but jumping back into the class after my hiatus, I was grateful for the consistency of the routine that allowed me to fit right back in. Continue reading