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Time for New Shoes: Nike Zoom Vomeros…Again

nike_vomeros_2013 (4)For as many things as I think I do right as a runner, there are some best practices that I somehow seem to neglect. Sufficient stretching is one area where I do not practice what I preach. (Strength training is another; I simply don’t do it.) And, as I discovered recently, replacing running shoes in a timely manner is yet a third running best practice that I let go by the wayside. Many, many times I have told new runners and fellow runners about the importance of not only having shoes that are fit to your feet and running style but that are also not past their prime. Running in shoes that are past their mileage expiration date is a great way to potentially get injured. I’m not saying that worn shoes will cause injury, but I do think they could contribute to otherwise avoidable aches and pains. Continue reading

Testing Under Armour Spines

1235703-001_DEFAULTI’m coming up to the mileage and wear mark where I need to replace my running shoes. I typically alternate between super lightweight trainers for 3-6 mile runs and then my ‘standard’ running shoe for longer distances and races. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I’m a Nike girl with a pair of Nike Frees and Zoom Vomeros. I don’t feel like I have to be a Nike girl but I’ve just not found another perfect shoe. So when I had the chance to try out a pair of Under Armour’s Spine Venom shoes it seemed the ideal way to test out whether or not another brand is for me. (Disclaimer: UA did not give me these shoes to test; they were a friend of mine’s who felt they weren’t for her.) I had actually been checking out UA shoes at the store and have been following their evolution. I distinctly recall the first pair that came out and being tempted to try them but my Fleet Feet store owner gave the honest assessment that they weren’t quite “there” yet for running shoes. But that was years ago and UA shoes seem to have come a long way. So I laced up for a 3 mile test run. Continue reading

My New Nike Frees

I have said before that running is not a beauty contest. I think I have also posted along the way that somehow, despite the fact that I am not a ‘pink’ person (I trend toward purple, green, and earth tones) the bulk of my work-out gear and accessories seems to end up being pink. All my pink stuff is either what’s available, what’s in my size, or what was in the gift box. So when my husband saw my new hot pink and black Nike Frees and asked “what are those ugly shoes?” I responded that they are what will make me fast. Continue reading

Old Faithful: Gear I Love

Some of my favorite running gear--Brooks shorts, capri tights, and Equilibrium shirt.

Some of my favorite running gear--Brooks shorts, capri tights, and Equilibrium shirt.

You can pick almost any category of life and chances are anyone you ask will have their favorite something in that category. Favorite food, color, car, holiday, the list goes on. As a runner and an athlete I have favorite gear and I’m sure you do too. However, I don’t think you just stumble upon the best gear for your needs, I think you acquire it through a series of trial and error with all different kinds of gear.

I’ve written before about things that I have had the chance to try out like sports bras and shorts and I have written about the importance of layers that I discovered during winter running. Any time I have the chance to share an experience that helps or improves my running or that simply makes me happy (and I’m easily pleased!) I will be doing so on this site. And if I come across things that don’t fit so well with my work-outs or training I’ll share that too. What works for me may not work for you but at least if you’re researching you’ll have one more source to confer.

I will provide links and resources to the things I love and when you see that link it is because I have used the product or like the brand (and in some cases have a relationship with them) and if you choose to check it out, that’s awesome.

I like to consider my tried and true gear as my “old faithful” gear. Even though I am perfectly willing to try new things–new socks, new shirts, Cliff Shot Bloks instead of Gu–it’s nice to know what will always work. So, with no further ado (and in alphabetical order to be fair), here is some gear that has done me right and that I will continue to buy and use whenever I have the chance: Continue reading